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about us

WHO we are

The Company was founded by the need to provide innovative, effective and efficient Ship Agency, Marine Logistics, Export and Freight Forwarding Services to both local and foreign Ship Owners and Charterers to bridge the yawning gap created by lack of professionalism in the provision of Ship Agency and Logistics Services in the Maritime Industry.

Its establishment was also necessitated by the need to create a resourceful, reliable and dependable interface between Charterers, Commercial, Technical Ship Operators, Head/Disponent Owners, and Local Authorities to handle the ever increasing challenges associated with cargo discharge and loading Operations off-shore and in ports as it relates to Master and Crew experiences.

In accordance with the services listed in her Memorandum and Articles of Association, Teams Shipping And Logistics Company Ltd, for effective take-off, has the forte (human and material resources) to provide a full range of Agency and Marine Logistics services for Oil & Chemical Tankers, Dry Bulk and General Cargo vessels, Container Carriers and Ro-Ro vessels in all Sea Ports.

The word TEAMS is an acronym for the fundamental ingredients the founder considers vital for the healthy growth, development and sustenance of any business worldwide.
T: stands for Team Work.
E: stands for Efficiency.   
A: stands for Accountability.
M: stands for Motivation.
S: stands for Strategic Planning.

As a nascent Shipping and Logistics Company with high premium on efficient service delivery, coupled with encouragements and inquiries from known and well-meaning Ship Owners and Charterers about our readiness to commence operations, we have resolved to channel a good percentage of our resources to husband wet cargo vessels – Oil & Chemical Tankers – with a view to making it the flagship of the Company

The Company was incorporated as a limited liability company to provide Shipping Agency, Marine Logistics Support Services, Freight Forwarding and other ancillary services to local and foreign Ship Owners and Charterers whose vessels call regularly or intend to call at any of the Sea Ports.

company mission

To become the best within the shortest time possible through hard work, innovation, employment of professional workforce and deployment of appropriate most modern information technology for the provision of Shipping and other ancillary Marine Logistics Services.

We aim to provide a full range, but compact, cost effective and efficient Shipping and Logistics services to our Clients.

To provide an innovative and reliable interface for prompt resolution of cargo, ship and crew-based issues with Government supervisory/regulatory Agencies and other local authorities at the Ports.

To always offer robust solutions and advisory services on Shipping & Marine Logistics matters to our clients in a safe and confidential manner whenever the need arises.

Our Core Values

Our core values are the same fundamental life-enhancing values, which have proven to be the vital ingredients in the growth, development and sustenance of businesses globally. And so, our Company operations are driven on these key indispensable industry builders.